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If you choose to view our services online, here are some tips and reminders for things to do so you can make the most out of the experience together.

• Include your entire family...encourage your keiki to participate too. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t quiet, it won’t disrupt anyone. Bring out Legos, play-dough, crayons or other activities to keep their hands busy.

• Actively participate. Fight the urge to just sit and watch or to scroll through your phone while you halfheartedly pay attention to the video stream. Engage with what is going on...worship, pray, take notes and respond. Others in the family will follow your lead.

• Continue to give your tithes and offerings as you are able. Use our on-line giving system at or mail a check to:

Kona Church of the Nazarene

74-5100 Palani Road

Kailua Kona, HI 96740


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Message:  ON OUR KNEES

Series:  POWER UP    

You want to gain perspective on how movements of God are born? Then remember, Movements of God can only be found through humble submission to God in prayer! Movements that matter are born in the heart through an encounter with God.  We only find this in humble submission to God through the pattern of prayer that Jesus taught.  We find that connection on our knees!





Pastor Gordon - Joy in Trials

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