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As our church Ohana moves to online services, here are some tips and reminders for things to do so you can make the most out of the experience together.

• Include your entire family...encourage your keiki to participate too. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t quiet, it won’t disrupt anyone. Bring out Legos, play-dough, crayons or other activities to keep their hands busy.

• Actively participate. Fight the urge to just sit and watch or to scroll through your phone while you halfheartedly pay attention to the video stream. Engage with what is going on...worship, pray, take notes and respond. Others in the family will follow your lead.

• Continue to give your tithes and offerings as you are able. Use our on-line giving system at or mail a check to:

Kona Church of the Nazarene

74-5100 Palani Road

Kailua Kona, HI 96740



Following the online service, here are some thoughts for the discipleship of your family.

• Allow space for everyone to share their thoughts and feelings about services being held this way. What do you like? What is missing? Talk about why these decisions were made (and how difficult it must have been for the leaders) and the importance of gathering together as a body of Christ.


• Allow space for everyone to voice their thoughts and feelings about coronavirus. All feelings are valid. This is uncharted territory for many and hard to wrap our minds around. Listen to each other (even your kids) and offer hope (even if it seems crazy or you disagree).


• While you are together, think of ways you can respond to the circumstances and needs around you. What can YOU do to meet needs? How can YOU encourage others? How can YOU bring hope? How can your life point to God and bring glory to Him?


o IDEA: Color pictures or write notes to the elderly in our church Ohana and even those in nursing homes. They aren’t getting visitors right now so this is a great way to show them your love and they are not forgotten.


o IDEA: Encourage our pastors and ministry leaders. Chances are this on-line service was a first for them. Share how God spoke to your family through encouraging emails or messaging.


• Pray. Create an atmosphere of prayer for the world. Pray for healing and God’s power to reign. Pray for revival. Pray for leadership (government, church, workplace, school). Pray for those displaced or disappointed (college students, athletes, children not at school). Pray for unity. Pray for peace


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