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KNC Life Groups

What are KCN Life Groups?

KNC Life Groups are one of the main ways we make friends and grow in our faith in Jesus Christ. Life Groups consist of between 6-15 people who meet in various locations throughout the Kona Coast.

How Often Will My KNC Life Group Meet?

Depending on the type of group, Life Groups may meet as often as once a week, once a month or anytime in between. Generally, they will meet for 60-90 minutes…It's a short-term commitment that will make a long-term impact on your spiritual and relational life.  Note:  During COVID we use a virtual online platform, but as we begin to “open up” post pandemic we will meet “in person.”


In our Spring Session, each of our KNC Life Groups will fall into one of the following categories:

Small Groups

Much like our Core Groups, small groups connect individuals to an authentic and warm community of people who will journey with them in their relationship with God. Unlike our Core Groups, our Small Groups meet seasonally in homes or on the church campus on Sunday or through the week. They cover specific topics and are rooted in Scripture but have a specific start and end date.

Activity/Interest Groups

Activity/Interest groups connect people who enjoy doing similar things. Their affinity in an interest or activity makes it natural for group members to instantly relate to one another.

Core Groups

Core Groups meet year-round and are not seasonal. Most of our Sunday and Wednesday Night groups that meet on campus fall into this category.

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