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Sunday 1/5/20

Jesus Says

Jesus invites unbelievers, misbehavers (everyone and anybody) to follow him..

Matthew 9:9–13; Hosea 6:6, Romans 2:4

Sunday 1/12/20

Jesus Says

Whatever your next step is, take it!

Matthew 4:18–22; Luke 5:1-11

Sunday 1/19/20

Fearless Faith

The end game of following Jesus is fearless faith—faith that overwhelms
fear. What would you do if you were confident God was with you? That’s how Jesus lived. That’s how those who follow Jesus live. Fearless. The opposite of faith is fear.

John 16:33; Matthew 10:1–22; 24–31; Matthew 6:30–32; Mark 4:40; 1 John 4:18;
Romans 8:28, 31, 35

Sunday 1/26/20

Follow Wear

Followers of Jesus are to be recognizable by what they wear.

John 13:34–36; Colossians 3:12–14


For many, the Christian life feels like a long game of "Jesus Says"…Jesus says pray…Jesus says give…Jesus says go to church. But a deep look helps us discover that Jesus’ invitation was an invitation to relationship. And it began with a simple request—follow me. In this series, take a journey through the Gospels and trace Jesus’ teachings on what it means to follow.

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